ICS 8200

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 24.08.2005
Manufacturer: Sytrin Corporation
Product Group: Computer Case
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This is what one can find from the package. Naturally the Nextherm ICS 8200 case is the first item that you see. Inside it is a prewired 460 Watt power supply. Additional items include a power cable, drive rails, generic ATX backplate, set of screws and an instruction manual. All in all a pretty standard bundle for a computer case.

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The case is all matte black. As the overall appearance of the case is well-controlled the color choice suits the case well. Only bright spots come from the chrome parts on the control panel. No windows, no flashy lights and no manufacturer logos all over the case.



On the front we have a plastic door that covers the drive bays. Power and reset buttons and the activity leds are also located behind the door. This has both pros and cons but it depends on the environment you are going to use the case in. For example the hidden power and reset buttons will not interest children that much but this makes it harder for any user to start up the machine. Mixed color face plates of the optical drives doesn't matter when you cover them with this black door but the usability will take a slight hit. Perhaps it is good to know that this door is easily removable.

On the upper part of the face plate one can see the control panel that is used to run and monitor the cooling system of the case. More about this in following pages.



Nothing much to see here. Seven card slots, opening for the ATX backplate, PSU and the 92 mm fan that pushes warm air out from inside the case. As they have painted the bottom part of the case with the same black as the main parts of the case, why they left the rear gray? I would imagine that you see the rear of the case more often than the part that is sitting against the table...



Adjustable legs on this case are just great. Rubber on them is super sticky and keeps the case in place very well. That wedge on the left of those holes is there to push the warm air, produced by the AirCon to the sides of the case. And yes, those holes are the exhaus of that system.

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