ICS 8200

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 24.08.2005
Manufacturer: Sytrin Corporation
Product Group: Computer Case
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Looks like your typical ATX tower case except for that black "contraption" on the bottom right. Lets take a closer look on how this case differs from the competition.



PC AirCon, Nextherm S2

120 Watts worth of cooling power. The idea is to cool down the air entering the case so that the every system component can benefit from it. Other cases may offer some air ducts etc. but this kind of "global" cooling can cool down hard drives, chipset and GFX cards at once.

Dimensions215 x 161 x 144 mm (LxWxH)
Weight1.4 KG
System Cooling Power120 Watts
ComponentsThermoelectric chip
Copper heatsink
3400 RPM, 38 dBa fan
Power input12 volts
Power consumption52 Watts



AirCon consists of a thermoelectric chip, copper heatsink and two fans. Regular fan can be turned on alone to provide the system with air that is at room temperature. When more cooling power is needed, the thermoelectric unit can be switched on. This is also when the radial fan kicks in. It is used to push air through the "HOT" part of the Peltier element. This air is then pushed out from the case via the grill on the bottom of the case. Regular fan pushes air through the "COLD" part of the peltier and this cooled air is aimed towards the processor with a ramp.

You can see a small temperature sensor hanging in front of the regular fan. This probe provides the ambient reading. There is another probe located on the opposite side of the AirCon unit so that one can see how much cooler the airconditioned air is.



Lower part of the front bezer is covered by this mesh. Too bad that the mesh is not filtered as the two fans sucking air in will take in all the dust flying in near proximity.




There is a fan supplied to the back of the case but not to the top part. I'm not sure why Sytrin decided to go cheap here as the top part of the case is the hottest part of the case for sure. It is not too difficult to place a fan there yourself but it would have been nice to have it there right from the factory.

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