ICS 8200

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 24.08.2005
Manufacturer: Sytrin Corporation
Product Group: Computer Case
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The case is couple of centimeters larger than my previous case, Coolermaster ATC-210b. This means that all components fit in very well even while there is this large AirCon block taking space. From here you can also see how the ramp on the AirCon is directing the cool air relatively high. Perhaps they should have made that ramp adjustable so that user can select what part of the case should be cooled first.


AirCon Control Panel

This is the control panel that shows the values of different temperature probes and allows the user to select the cooling mode. It also handles the alarms like dead fan on the AirCon unit or failing Peltier element between the two heatsinks used in AirCon.

There are two buttons that user can use. First we have a power button that is used for activating the control panel. While this function sounds right, it doesn't operate quite like I would have wanted it to operate. As you power up your system, the AirCon is not powered up with the system automatically. You have to turn it on manually. This isn't such a good thing with highly overclocked system that goes down because of the mains failure and then starts up automatically. As the AirCon doesn't start automatically the system is left out of cool air.

Second button is for mode selection. It switches between OFF - FAN ON - AIRCON ON and back to OFF again. When you manually start the AirCon control panel, the last selection of the mode is not automatically selected. This means that the fans etc. are OFF. You are needed to select the operation mode every time you power up the system. Once again, something that can get bit annoying after a while or can cost you your system as you may remember to switch the AirCon on but not to select the cooling mode...

On the right we have an analog display that shows how much wattage the power supply is currently feeding to the system. Handy feature that adds something extra to the looks as well.


Test system

MotherboardAbit AA8-3rd eye
CPUP4 2.8@3.4 GHz FSB800
Memory 1 GB Corsair DDR2
1 GB Mushkin DDR2
HDD200 GB Maxtor SATA
200 GB Seagate SATA
Optical DrivePlextor DVD/CDR combo

Perhaps not the hottest setup in terms of heat output wattage but should give us some interesting results. Temperatures were recorded with MotherBoard Monitor and from AirCon Control Panel. Logged items were CPU Temperature (MBM), System Temperature (MBM), DDR Temperature (AirCon) and GFX Temperature (AirCon). Probe for the DDR memory was pushed between the heat spreader and the actual memory module and in GFX card the probe was wedged between the heatsink mount at the back of the card and the circuit board.



Every cooling mode was let to run for 20 minutes before logging the values. Ambient temperature was 28 degrees according to AirCon Control Panel.

As you can see, there is very little difference between the FAN OFF and FAN ON modes. AIRCON lowered the temperature the most as expected. As the airflow is aimed relatively high, the GFX card remained quite warm and didn't cool down as much as the rest of the system.



Load test was done by playing Battlefield 2 as it stressed all of the system components. In a time period of two hours all of the three modes were tested.

Once again the FAN OFF and FAN ON results to near identical readings. AirCon was able to drop the CPU Temperature by eight degrees and both DDR and GFX by three. This clearly shows that AIRCON does its job and cools down the entire system. Too bad that the noise from the system gets really loud while using the AIRCON (snow) mode. The 92 mm fan at the back of the case is quite audible to begin with, the two front fans when turned on really adds up the noise. When using headsets it doesn't matter that much but without them it can get annoying really fast.

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