CM Inferno vs. QPAD 5K

Two very capable gaming mice

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 23.09.2010
Product Group: Mice
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Cooler Master isn't a new name on the PC markets, but it's only a couple of years since they launched their CM Storm range of gaming cases and peripheral. So far we've only reviewed their CM Storm Sniper case, but the range also covers other products, such as gaming mice. Their newest model, the Inferno, also found its way to our review.

The competitor for the Inferno comes from Sweden and is the Qpad 5K. Qpad has been a manufacturer of gaming gear for quite a while, and we've also reviewed and liked some of their mouse pads in the past. While both mice are aimed at gamers, they come in different flavors, as the Inferno is aimed at the MMO-playing folk and the Qpad is more of an FPS-players' friend. Now lets see what difference this makes in real life.


Cooler Master Inferno


Package & Bundle


CM Inferno vs. QPAD 5K - Two very capable gaming mice

Elaborate packaging seems to be in fashion with gaming mice and the Inferno isn't an exception to this rule. The mouse comes in a flashy, reasonably small box with details printed all over it and an opening door that reveals the mouse inside. The main features are apparently the 11 buttons and 4000 DPI sensor.


CM Inferno vs. QPAD 5K - Two very capable gaming mice

Inside the box there's only the mouse and the driver CD. The cable is wrapped in the braided cable sleeve we've seen with some other higher end mice lately. The sleeve seems classy and doesn't get stuck quite as easily as a rubber coated cable.

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