LaCie XtremKey

Very safe USB Thumb Drive!

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 27.04.2011
Manufacturer: LaCie
Product Group: Storage
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Thumb drives are all around us, and have really come the default storage media of choice for moving data around. They are reliable, cheap and easy to carry around. There are also so endless versions of USB-memories around it's extremely difficult to stand from the crowd. This time it's LaCie that tries a bit different approach at mobile storage with their XtremKey. Now lets see what the newcomer is all about.




LaCie XtremKey - Very safe USB Thumb Drive!

The XtremKey arrived to our review packed in one of those pesky heat sealed packages that are impossible to open without some sharp tool. The packaging hilights the specifications and features of the drive inside.




LaCie XtremKey - Very safe USB Thumb Drive!

Hidden inside the cardboard there's also the product key for activating the online storage service. There's also a nice and sturdy cable key ring to make carrying the drive around a bit more convenient.

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