Author: Christina Pönkkö
Published: 05.07.2003
Manufacturer: Leatherman
Product group: Tools

Leatherman tools

Now it's time to review Leatherman tools. The name may be familiar to most of the readers and the image of them is associated with scouts and other woodsman. What use do ordinary people - or nerds ;) - have of Leathermans and what are these tools capable of, that will we soon find out.

There are three different types of Leatherman in this review: Squirt P4, Juice XE6 and Super Tool 200. Squirt is the smallest one, really a pocket size version. Juice is middle sized and Super Tool a large one.


Together on the palm

In the photo above all three tools are side by side. On the left there is Super Tool, in the middle is Juice and on the left there is Squirt. As you can see, there are different colors available of Leathermans. Let's continue reviewing these one by one.

Squirt P4


Squirt P4


Lenght:5,5 cm closed
Weight:56 g
Embedded tools:Needlenose Pliers
Straight Knife
Wire Cutters
Extra Small Screwdriver
Medium Screwdriver
Small Flat Phillips Screwdriver
Single-Cut File
Cross-Cut File
Lanyard Attachment
Colors:Gray (Storm), blue (Glacier), red (Inferno)



Squirt P4 is sold in a good looking metallic gift box, including a brochure, where you can read about using different tools and maintain it. On the first glance Squirt looks like an ordinary pocket knife, but immediately when you open it, you will find the pliers, which separates the tool from ordinary knives.

There are two versions of Squirt, P4 and S4, and the difference between these two models is that P4 has needlenose pliers and S4 has scissors. Other tools, files, knife and screwdrivers are similar in both models and they can be used without opening the tool.

The smallest screwdriver is very handy in tightening the screws in small objects like glasses. The file is suitable for filing nails, wood and metal. The always handy opener doesn't need its own key ring attachment, as it is included in this small toolbox substitute.

The knife isn't the most easíest to use, as the tool is so small. It's difficult to get a good grip of it. It also feels a bit unsharp when I tried to open a well closed package.


Peeling the wire

Here a wire is peeled with the awl, which is also one of the tools embedded in Squirt. It's very handy to keep with one as it is so small and it doesn't weigh so much either. Some may think Squirt might be even too small :)

Juice XE6


Juice XE6


Lenght: 8,25 cm closed
Weight:190 g
Embedded tools:Needlenose Pliers
Straight Knife
Wire Cutters
Hard-Wire Cutters
Extra-Small Screwdriver
Small Screwdriver
Med/Lrg Screwdriver
Phillips Screwdriver
Lanyard Attachment
Can/Bottle Opener
Corkscrew with Assist
Serrated Knife
Diamond File
Colors:Gray (Storm) and purple (Thunder)

Juice is a medium-sized Leatherman having lots of different tools. The reviewed version XE6 is the heaviest and most versatile one of all Juice-models. Other models are C2, S2, KF4 and CS4, which have one of some of the following scissor/ opener/ corkscrew/ saw/ awl -combination.



The box is similar to Squirt's box: the metallic box includes also a manual. The leather carrying case is available as an accesory and it brings ease of use by protecting both the tool and other things in the same pocket.

For occasional wine sippers there is also the corkscrew. The scissors are sharp and precise for cutting all kind of paper and cardboard. As in Squirt, also Juice has a file, awl and opener.


Wire cutters

In the photo above Juice is in use when installing car stereos. Wire cutters, which are placed in the base of the pliers, are strong and cut even a stronger wire. If the ordinary cutters aren't strong enough, there are also hard-wire cutters available - in the base of the ordinary ones.



Phillips screwdriver

When you need a screwdriver, you usually can't find the excact size. In Juice they all are in the same place, also the phillips screwdriver. In Leatherman they are found inside the tool, three flat ones on the other side and the one phillips on the other side.


Tight place

Juice works well in small and tight places too, as behind the computer. Now you don't have to remove the electric cords. You can fold the tool or use it opened as in the photo. Partly opened, in a shape of L-letter, you will get more torque.

Super Tool 200


Super Tool 200


Lenght:11,5 cm closed, 18 cm open
Weight:266 g
Embedded tools:Needlenose Pliers
Regular Pliers
Wire Cutters
Hard-Wire Cutters
Clip-Point Knife
Serrated Knife
Wood / Bone Saw
Metal / Wood File
9 in. / 22 cm Ruler
Can / Bottle Opener
S / M / L Screwdrivers
Phillips Screwdriver (#1 / #2)
Electric Crimper
Wire Stripper
Awl Punch

Super Tool is - as its name tells - ment for tough use. It has a wide selection of tools. Compared to Juice it has more knives, saw and ruler. Super Tool has also an electric crimper and hard-wire cutters.



The package is not as fine as Juice's and Squirt's metallic boxes, but the content counts ;) Super Tool has a carrying bag included and it can be attached to the belt. Great. Super Tool also looks more professional and tool-like than the smaller Leathermans.


Locking mechanism

The locking mechanism in Super Tool 200 is good. When you open the blade, the spring locks it. By sliding the lever, the lock is opened. Previously this locking was opened by lifting another blade half-way up. Then the both blades could be closed. The new mechanism is significantly handier way - though the old way still works too.



The saw was tested into a pine wooden block and it worked well. The Leatherman's saw doesn't have the same efficiency as a regular saw but you will cut branches with this. Because there is no coarsing on the surface of the tool there is a danger that the your hand may slip on it if your palm is moist or wet.


All together


Open blades

In the upper photo there is a mobile phone to give dimensions. Super Tool is the same size with the mobile, but weighs over two times more. Also Juice weighs 1.5 times more than the mobile phone, so these tools really are sturdy. Squirt then, it's small and light.

In the lower photo all tools have been opened and after that they have been photographed side by side. Here you can compare the different tools they include. All Leathermans are made of 100 % stainless steel. They have 25 years guarantee (limited warranty), which covers material- and producing errors.


Key ring

Both Juice and Super Tool has a key ring, that can be used if needed by opening it. Squirt is so small that it naturally has a key ring, but it's a great addition in the bigger tools.

Leatherman-products are sold in hunting and hiking stores and in well equipped sport stores. Be aware of copies.



Squirt P4


Squirt P4 is a pocket-sized multifunction tool, that is enough for occasional use. It is easy to go with you, if you happen to need a tool. The grey color is stylish and those who want to cheer up their lives, can buy this in red or blue.

Juice XE6


MetkuMods Editor's Choice

Juice XE6 is the choise for those using tools regularly. It is not too big either too small. Though for key ring it might be too heavy. The colors are delicious and there are several models of Juice to choose one that pleases you most. XE6 is a real all-around tool, that includes all essential things. Though many ordinary pocket knives come up to this size and weigh class, Juice's pliers separates it from the mass.

Juice XE6 gets an Editor's Award for three reasons: compact size, great looks and good usability.

Super Tool 200


Super Tool 200 is the biggest and strongest Leatherman. It is meant for demanding and even professional use. Rounded handles and the sliding lock release bring comfort and safety for the usage. In addition, you can get a separate tool adapter in it, to get even more variations to use the tool in.


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