LG LM60 Express Notebook

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 25.07.2005
Manufacturer: LG
Product Group: Notebook
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LM60 Express


LM60 Express

Silver and black coloring does make it stand out from the more common all-black notebooks. Keyboard dominates the upper part of the "deck" as it stretches all the way to the sides. LM60 is only 312 millimeters wide so it is important to use all available space to make the keyboard easy to use. More about this in following pages.

I'm not such a fan of stickers so it was sad to see this huge sticker on the right. It is nice to see all the features that are included to the notebook but perhaps they could have been checked for example from the sticker on the bottom of the unit if needed. And they didn't even get the sticker straight. These are pain to remove so perhaps we just need to live with them. I just believe that the overall appearance of the unit would be even more professional without these added extras.

Around the corner



From back of the unit we find S-Video connetor on the left. Battery is located at the back too. On the right we have modem and Gigabit ethernet connectors. I'm not sure how popular the Gigabit ethernet is in notebooks these days but it is certainly a good thing to see it added to this model. Ethernet connectivity is build around Marvell Yukon 88E8053 controller. Naturally it can also support 10 and 100 Megabit networks but with ever growing need for more storage space and digital content, the network will be one that will channel all this together. Faster the net, faster you will be enjoying the content you are downloading.

On the far right is the connector for external power supply and a Kensington lock so that you can lock down the notebook to a table if needed. As these things are so light and small they can be easily be taken from a table and carried out if not locked in place with a thin security cable. Cheap and easy to use insurance for your valuable data and equipment.



TOP: On the left we have two USB2.0 connectors so that one can use webcameras and connect external USB keyboard and mouse to the system. I believe these are the most common uses for the USB on the notbooks these days. Next to the USB ports is the exhaust of the cooling system and the 15 pin connector for external monitor. It is odd to see this connector located so near to the front of the notebook. It is usually located at the back or near the back on either side. People who use data projectors and need to connect and disconnect them often, may find this connector placement found in LM60 to be very usefull as they don't need to reach for the back of the unit and try to locate the connector from there.

Next we have headphone and microphone connectors. S/PDIF is shared with the headphone port but this shouldn't cause too much trouble in every day use. It is great that they decided to add this S/PDIF in the first place and not just drop it off to save space.

At far right you can spot an ExpressCard/54 PC Card Slot. Beneath it is the memory card slot that accepts Secure Digital, MultiMedia Card, Memory Stick and Memory Stick Pro type of memory cards. This way it is easy to share data between MP3 players, digital cameras, camcoders etc. And to complete our list we can still find a Firewire port located just next to the memory card slot on the right.

BOTTOM: Right side of the LM60 is not that populated. Only two things worth mentioning; The DVD Combo drive (DVD-ROM + CDR/RW) and one USB2.0 port.


Side profile

LM60 Express is very slim. Only 23,4 millimeters. This notebook is also very light (2,1 kg) and all this combined makes it very enjoyable to use on the move. When sitting inside a taxi or a buss, just take the notebook on to your lap and do those late homeworks or finish that report you are about to demonstrate to your boss when you get to work.




Bottom part of the LM60 is very stylish and simple. From here one can find locking mechanism and release lever for the battery. Also visible are two user accessible hatches that contain the hard drive and slot for memory upgrade.


Memory slot and Mini PCI

LM60 have one free memory slot for memory upgrade. The model we have comes with 512 MB of memory built-in but you have the option to increase it all the way to 2 Gigabytes.

Mini PCI slot is populated by Intel's Pro/Wireless 2200BG(802.11b/g) module. This module offer support both to b and g standards so you can get speeds up to 54 Megabits for WLAN. Many people are concerned about the WLAN security these days and for this, 2200BG support such improvements as WPA-AES to make sure your data and network is safe from hackers.




LG uses MSC (Multi-Source Single Cooling) system in this model. Idea here is to use larger single fan to pull hot air from various hotspots inside the laptop and then push it out from the side. All this sounds really clever but I'm not too convinced that this solves all the problems of notebook cooling. In our tests we did prove that the LM60 Express is really silent both in idle and under heavy load. But when a product uses air cooling and is silent, it maybe lacking on the cooling power. We did experience some lockups of the system under heavy load and the notebook did run relatively hot when running some regular office software products. For some reason the touchpad and the wrist rest part of the notebook were a lot warmer than the area between keyboard and the screen. This maybe a good thing if you have to use the LM60 during winter time but overall I didn't like the sensation that the warmth gave.

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