LG LM60 Express Notebook

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 25.07.2005
Manufacturer: LG
Product Group: Notebook
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I generally like to layout of the keys on LM60 keyboard. Size and positioning of the keys are ok but there are few things that deserve a closer look.


Arrow and page control keys

It is nice to see that LG decided to make the Home, PgUp, PgDown and End key the same size as the main keys are. When doing typing for example with word processor, these keys are used a lot so it makes sense to use size to indicate their importance. This will also make their usage easier as you don't need to hunt them down or use some extra Fn key to operate them.


From good to bad

I'm not totally sure why LG decided to put the Fn key to the bottom left. Majority of notebook and external keyboards that place the Fn key with the normal typing keys, place this particular key on the right side of the Control key. This makes sense as Ctrl is used a lot more and it is traditionally found under Shift key. Notebook keyboards are already so different from regular keyboards so why make the learning curve even steeper for the user?


Dedicated keys

On top of the function keys we have some indicator lights and dedicated keys. Lights are used to indicate the status of Capslock and Numlock keys. In addition there is a third light that flashes when the WLAN is transferring data.

Power key is decorated with a blue led. Makes it to stand out a bit from all other lights but then again why not make all or at least few additional lights blue as well? Would add a touch of style to this already good looking machine. Volume UP/Down keys follow the same theme with the power switch. And you guessed right, MUTE does mute the sound. And this wraps up the dedicated keys that you can find. So there are no purpose build keys for activating/deactivating WLAN or the touchpad like in many other notebooks from different manufacturers. On the other hand, you can operate these functions via Fn key so perhaps it doesn't matter that much. At least this shouldn't be a key factor when shopping for a new laptop/notebook in the first place.



Like in so many notebooks these days, touchpad is the only built-in way to operate the mouse cursor. There are some people that would prefer the "nipple" over the touchpad but I believe more and more people are finding touchpad to be more productive and intuitive to use. With dedicated horizontal and vertical scrolling areas the touchpad is very usefull for browsing around the internet or panning around a document that doesn't fit the display all at once.

Touchpad in LM60 Express is on the same level as the wrist rest so it is quite easy to accidentally move the mouse pointer while typing. Other manufacturers have made our lives bit easier by embedding the touchpad bit deeper inside the wrist rest but this also shouldn't matter that much as you can always turn the whole touchpad off via Fn key.

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