LG LM60 Express Notebook

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 25.07.2005
Manufacturer: LG
Product Group: Notebook
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Additional details


Indicator lights

On the front left corner one can find a row of leds that are visible even if the lid is closed. These are used to indicate if the notebook is getting mains power, is powered up, charging battery or having some disk activity. No WLAN activity light?


WLAN activity light

As you may remember, there is a WLAN activity light located next to the Capslock light. To make the LM60 Express even more stylish, LG decided to add one more WLAN indicator light. This time to the lid and to the top part of it so that it can be seen from the opposite side than the screen. Some may find this idea great and others just hate it so it is a good thing that there is an option on the BIOS where this indicator light can be turned off.


Memory card reader

If you decide to include a memory card slot to the notebook, please, make it usable. As the slot is located beneath the PC Card slot and even pressed bit deeper than the edge of the casing, the slot is not that usable. Sure you can raise the edge of the notebook off the table and then press the card in and out with your thumb but still; Why make things harder than they have to be? At least this is the users point of view.


Memphis Belle

Screen of the LM60 is well protected. Lid is actually covered with a metal sheet and this gives additional support to the panel. You have to press fairly hard from behind of the display to make it show any distortions on the screen. This should keep the display well protected from for example a falling object that could drop on top of the notebook when closed.

Screen itself is a Fine Bright LCD. From the manufacturer's site: "The Fine Bright LCD uses low-reflection processing technology based on the polarization effect, and ART (Anti Reflection Treatment), to minimize screen reflection and improve the visual experience." There seems to be very little or none light bleeding and naturally no dead pixels.


Volume level from the built-in stereo speakers is relative low. Naturally you can't expect 0.5 W speakers to product any major audio experience but they should be succifient for DVD movies if you are in close promitity of the notebook. There is very little distortion even with higher volume.


We managed to get around 3.5 hours of battery life out of LM60. This is not so bad from a six cell 4800mAh Li-ion battery. LG does have a 9 cell high capacity battery available if you think that you need more than the standard battety can provide. Your mileage will most certainly vary as there are many things that will affect the battery life. Different power saving schemes that you select and the amount of workload on CPU, HDD and WLAN will be handling can make the total working time go either way.


More or less your standard Phoenix BIOS that you may have seen on your desktop computer but there are couple of interesting features worth mentioning.



From here you can set the Supervisor password that is used to enter the BIOS and the User password to allow general access to the computer. In addition there is a HDD password that will lock the hard drive so that it can't be used on other computer without the correct password. Good security feature because there are a lot of notebooks stolen each day around the world and some of them may contain important data that you wouldn't like others to see.


More options

Here we have options like the activation/deactivation of the WLAN led on the lid. As this notebook uses SATA hard drive, there are options to alter its operation. Battery Charge Stop Percentage is an interesting feature too and is certainly something that you can't see on your desktop computer's BIOS.

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