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Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 25.07.2005
Manufacturer: LG
Product Group: Notebook
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LG Intelligent update

You receive a 91 day licence to Norton Antivirus with the LM60 Express. In addition to this LG have included a good range of helpfull utilities to their bundle. One of the best if the LG Intelligent Update. It will login to LG's website and search all the available updates to your notebook that you could need. These include for example drivers to different parts of the notebook and updates to its utility programs. Very easy to use as you don't need to browse through their site and try to locate the right download links manually.


Battery Miser 2005

Battery Miser is a powerfull tool that allows one to alter the way the notebook operates when connected to mains power and when under the battery power. For example it can be made to operate differently when you are using some specific application that needs brighter screen than normally under battery power.


Battery Miser 2005

While you can control your notebooks behavior from here, you can also monitor its status. This graph for example shows 1.2 Ampere current loss when used under battery power and then jumps to 1.2 Ampere current surplus when hooked up with the mains AC power. Same graphs can be seen for voltage and wattage as well.



Fn + Info key combination gives you this info screen. From here one can see the remaining battery capacity and the amout of RAM and diskspace that is in use. It is too bad that this new version of Info doesn't show the current wattage consumption like did the version that was on the machine before I used the Intelligent Update.


LM60 Express uses Intel's Pentium M 730 CPU and DDR II memory. For people transferring to notebooks from desktops the performance of the mobile CPUs have always been a mystery. This maybe the case after this review too as we weren't able to make any popular benchmarking software perform well with this machine. This is really odd as we had a nearly identical system from HP to compare this system with and everything worked on it perfectly. We did manage to get couple of benchmarks done so that you can see how this machine compares to HP Compaq's nc6120 with same CPU and same amount of memory. Both machines had Windows XP sp2 installed with all the latest updates.


Super_pi is good tool to measure the performance of the CPU and the memory subsystems. We calculated pi to 2 million digits with the following results:

Desktop vs. LM60 vs. nc6120

While the notebooks are using the same CPU it is clear that the LM60 Express have a far more powerfull memory subsystem. Both notebooks use the same Intel GMA900 graphics system that takes its memory from the main RAM. HP Compaq just takes a harder hit to its performance from all this. As a result, LG LM60 is a powerfull tool when planning on changing from desktop to notebooks or when getting one to be as a secondary setup.

HD Tune 2.10

To compare the hard drives and their operational speed we used HD Tune. LM60 Express is equipped with a SATA hard drive by Fujitsu while as nc6120 has a ATA-100 drive from the same manufacturer. Both have 8 MB buffer memory built-in and both spin at 5,400 RPM.


LM60 Express

HP Compaq nc6120

LM60 with SATA drive performs once again better. Access time is lower, transfer rates are better and all this with lower CPU utilization. I think that we can see who is the winner here. Too bad that we were not able to run any graphics tests at this time but from what I saw on 3DMark05 with 1024x768 no AA etc. before it locked up, the Intel's GMA900 was able to push one frame per second to the screen. So don't expect to play any latest 3D games with these notebooks. LG does have a more powerfull notebook in this same class to offer that could be more suitable for gamers. LM70 is equipped with Ati's X600 graphics GPU and that should allow some serious gaming to take place.

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