Lian-Li Tyr PC-X2000

Aluminum Gaming and HTPC Case
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 23.09.2008
Manufacturer: Lian-Li
Product Group: Computer Case
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Lian-Li is a Taiwanese manufacturer that has solely focused in making aluminum cases. The company came famous a few years back when it was one of the first manufacturers to bring very simple looking, high quality aluminum cases to the markets. Through the years the overall scheme of things has remained the same, but beside the sleek and stylish cases, Lian-Li now also has a range of cases for those looking for silence and also a range of cases for gamers who want their case with some spices.

The case we received from Lian-Li this time is one of the newer models, Tyr PC-X2000 and it mainly aims at not only high end HTPC-use, but also "gaming" markets. It's also our first case from Lian-Li so it will be interesting to see if it meets the quality expectations as well as Silverstone did earlier this year.

Tyr PC-X2000


Lian-li Tyr PC-X2000

The case arrived to our tests in a rather badly beaten box, which also made a frightening noise of loose metal when moved around. Luckily the part that had came loose was one of the 3,5" drive bay covers and it hadn't damaged the rest of the case.



Lian-li Tyr PC-X2000

The bundle that comes with the case contains the normal manuals, screws and zip-ties, but also some less often seen stuff like the aluminum drive rails, six short and two long S-ATA cables, a screw driver for the motherboard standoffs and even a small box for all the extra screws. As a nice detail Lian-Li has packed in a couple of extra screws of each kind so it won't matter so much if you lose one or two screws while building the rig.

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