Logitech G15 Rev2

Gaming keyboard with LCD screen
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 08.01.2008
Manufacturer: Logitech
Product Group: Input
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The original Logitech G15 gaming keyboard was reviewed in just over two years ago, and not too long ago Logitech came up with the revision 2 of the G15. The main features that made the keyboard special are still there - The LCD-screen, USB-hub and a backlight on all the keys, but there are also some changes from the original design that we'll explore in detail.



Logitech G15 Rev2

The color theme of the box in which the G15 rev2 arrived to our tests is what one can expect from Logitech - green and black. All the main features as well as good photos of the keyboard are printed all over the box, so the buyer really knows what he's getting.



Logitech G15 Rev2

The bundle is minimal and only contains two leaflets labeled "installation guide" and "important information". Both manuals are written on multiple languages (including Finnish), but contain virtually no information. The installation of the G15 requires no black magic whatsoever, it's simply connected to the computer and then the driver-CD is used to install the driver-software.

There is also a snap-on palm rest. Without this addon the depth of the keyboard is about 21,5 cm and with it closer to 26 cm. These dimensions are only 1 cm larger than the ones of a more basic Logitech's Internet Pro Keyboard I had lying around.

G15 Rev2


Logitech G15 Rev2

Logitech G15 Rev2

The layout of the actual keyboard is exactly what it's supposed to be, the keys are normal sized and located to the right places. On the left end one can see the six G-macro buttons and on the top-left corner there are three M-keys that effectively rises the number of macro-keys to 18, MR-key for recording macros on-the-fly and a sliding lock that disables Windows-key while playing. On the middle there's the speciality of the G15-keyboards - the LCD-display. Around the small screen there are six media buttons and five buttons related to the functions of the screen. Still going clockwise around the keyboard on the top-right corner you can see the silver mute-button, button for setting the backlight brightness and the normal three leds for scroll-, num- and caps locks. As an aestethical detail there's also a backlit G15-logo on top of the numpad.

By decreasing the number of macro-buttons Logitech has managed to make the second revision of the G15 about 5 cm shorter than the original one. This is a good thing, as at least I am having issues fitting even this narrower edition to my desk . The color theme is still grey and black, but with this one the color of the backlight has been changed to orange. The change of the backlight color is purely a matter of opinions, but I think the orange looks great.

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