Logitech G15 Rev2

Gaming keyboard with LCD screen
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 08.01.2008
Manufacturer: Logitech
Product Group: Input
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Closer look


Logitech G15 Rev2

On the back side of the G15 there's not much to see. There are two USB-connectors that are backlit when the backlight is on. Also there are two cable canals that help cleanly route the USB-cord connected to the keyboard. From this angle one can also see that the keyboard is nice and flat.


Logitech G15 Rev2

On the bottom you can see the cable canals and two collapsible stands that allow the keyboard to be tilted. Unfortunately for left-handed users the cable canal that's clearly meant for routing the mouse cable only goes to the right side of the keyboard. Also quite surprisingly there are five holes though the whole keyboard! You can see the backlight through these as well, so it seems they go both through the entire keyboard and to the inside of the board as well. The somewhat useless manual doesn't say anything about these holes, but it seems they are ment for liquid draining. So if you spill your coffee any other drink of choice on the keyboard, it doesn't go to the electronics and do harm there, but more likely will just come out from these holes. Pretty simple and nice feature, that hopefully works and saves someone's new and rather expensive keyboard.

The screen


Logitech G15 Rev2

Even though the LCD of the rev 2 isn't physically as large as the one in the original G15 it still has the 160x43 pixel resolution, exactly the same as in the original. This makes the graphics seem sharper. Also the screen is still large enough to be usable, after all it's not meant to be looked from too far away. The backlight makes it also very clear and easy to read from different angles. Moving sideways the maximal viewing angles are maybe 45 degrees from the surface of the keyboard, but when sitting straight in front of the keyboard one can read the text even with eyes pretty much in level with the board.

Under the screen there are four buttons for controlling the programs that run on the LCD and one round button to manually change the program that's shown at the moment. For some unknown reason Logitech has decided to use gloss black plastic around the LCD-screen when the surface elsewhere is matt. On this are there are four tiny buttons, so greasy fingerprints are an inevitable sight.

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