Logitech G15 Rev2

Gaming keyboard with LCD screen
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 08.01.2008
Manufacturer: Logitech
Product Group: Input
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Logitech G15 Rev2


Logitech G15 Rev2

The software installed from the CD contains two windows: Logitech G-series Keyboard Profiler and Logitech GamePanel Manager. From these the first is the one used for tweaking the functions of the macro keys and playing with the profiles and the latter is more for general settings and especially managing the LCD screen. Logitech has done good job designing these programs, because both are very easy to get into and use. The Profiler has more "gaming"-look to it, but it's still easy to use and not too disorienting. Basicly there are the same G and M buttons as there are on the keyboard, so getting the macros to the right buttons is very easy.


Logitech G15 Rev2

Recording macros couldn't be easier. It can be done either from the Keyboard Profiler or just by using the MR key on the keyboard and following the instructions that appear on the LCD screen. Thanks to the three M buttons the effective number of macro keys rises to 18. I'm not an enthusiastic player of games that require macro-keys, so it's hard for me to say how many keys are needed, but these seem more than enough for me.

If you aren't too sure about how you could get the most out of the macro keys then for example I put some quick launches behind the M1 button, some console commands of a FPS-game behind M2 and the M3 is used for miscellaneous testing. While being pretty handy these settings are also pretty easy to remember. Only the chosen M profile is backlit, so it's easy to check which one you're currently using. You can also make different profiles that automatically come into use when a selected program starts. This way one can utilize all the 18 macro-keys on multiple games/other programs.

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