Logitech G15 Rev2

Gaming keyboard with LCD screen
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 08.01.2008
Manufacturer: Logitech
Product Group: Input
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The screen and Applets


Logitech G15 Rev2

Because the screen has the same resolution as the old one, the applets made for the original G15 also work as intended with the rev2. This is good news as nor rev2-buyers don't have to wait for new applets as there are already forums dedicated for G15 mods. Just so show some applets and to show how readable the screen is, here are some selected applets and screenshots of them in action.

Logitech has included following applets to the driver CD:

  • LCD Clock
  • Performance Monitor
  • Media Display
  • LCD POP3 Monitor
  • LCD Countdown Timer

HDD Space


Logitech G15 Rev2

It is only natural to have this applet available. It is something that can be seen used in every LCD screen meant for PC case modding. First you select which HDDs and the font size you want to see on the LCD and then just enable the applet and there you have it, free spaces on selected partitions should be shown on the screen!

Mouse Speed


Logitech G15 Rev2

Gaming-related applet seems to go well with a gaming keyboard, so here we go. This little program lets the user adjust the mouse speed on fly using the buttons under the LCD. Very practical if your mouse doesn't have sensitivity buttons of its own, and handy even if it does.


  • Bright and clear LCD-screen
  • Nice and quiet "feel" on the keys
  • Looks stylish

  • CONS 
  • -
  • Award

    The things that made the original G15 such a hit are kept in the rev2. The new LCD is definitely going to split opinions. I like the new one over the old, but I can also see why some like the old one more. First of all the new display can't be flip shut when going to lan-parties, so in theory it can get scratched or damaged. In practice, however, the keyboard has to take some serious beating before the LCD is in danger, because it's covered with a layer of thick plastic. The size may also put someone down, but afterall there's the same amount of pixels as there were in the original LCD. Also most likely you're sitting right next to the keyboard when you want to see something from the screen, so the small size isn't really a problem. Second visible thing that has changed is the color of the backlight. In original G15 the light was blue, but in the rev2 it's orange. I definitely like the orange more, but this again is purely a matter of personal taste. Third big difference is the decreased number of macro-keys. Again, I don't see any problem here, but some may like the old one with its 18 (effectively 54 with three M-buttons) keys.

    Alltogether Logitech has managed to make new revision of their succesful gaming keyboard and I can't see any real drawbacks with the new model. From now on we'll just have to wait and see how well the LCD gets utilized, it would be great to see the four buttons being used more.

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