Logitech G9

Laser Gaming Mouse.
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 24.09.2007
Manufacturer: Logitech
Product Group: Input
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Now that gaming is providing a living for increasing number of individuals, we have seen a boom in gaming related peripherals. There are gaming keyboards, gaming mice, gaming cases, gaming mousepads, gaming TFTs etc. In most parts the products do improve your gaming but there are ones that have nothing to do with playing games.

Most gamers will agree that the mouse is one the most important pieces of input hardware one can have when gaming. Mouse is also the main input device in most game genres so it is easy to see why manufacturers would like to find the Holy Grail of gaming mouse design. Today that company is Logitech and their G9 Laser Mouse. Does it have The Right Stuff?

Package and content




Logitech is very consistent when it comes to packaging. It is easy to associate the packages to Logitech even when you don't spot the name on them rightaway. Two sides of the package are held together with a magnet. This kind of small details make the whole brand easier to remember, so props to the marketing department.



Inside we have the G9 Laser Mouse, Wide Load and Precision grip, CD containing the product manual, couple of small printed instructional papers and finally the weights. Not the most exciting bundle; where are the wrist and head bands, mouse skates etc?! It is nice to see that Logitech decided to focus on the most important part and not to bundle anything useless with the G9.



When I talk about useless, it is hard to ignore these weights. I'm not saying that they should have been left out, as I do know that many gamers do like to tweak the weight of their mice. Manufacturers like to bring up the possibility to tweak the balance of the mouse so that one get the best possible kill ratio. I believe there is no right or wrong here and if you feel that your scores depend on the balance of your input device, tweak it as long as you want. When we move from casual gamers to professional ones, "the head game" starts to play ever increasing role. Logitech was the first one to offer this possibility to adjust the weight and the weight distribution on a gaming mouse and as G9 continues this tradition, user input must have been positive from the previous models.

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