Logitech G9

Laser Gaming Mouse.
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 24.09.2007
Manufacturer: Logitech
Product Group: Input
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Eventhough the G9 can operate without software and pre-installed drivers, these are needed when one wants to tweak the settings a bit. Software is totally rewritten from the previous Logitech SetPoint, that is now beefed-up for to be used with G9.



New Profile

Ok, let us start by creating a new profile. One can create as many profiles as one likes because at this stage, the profiles are sitting on the hard drive.


This screen gives you a brief overview about the currently selected profile.


This menu allows one to change the name of the profile, alter description and associate programs that are affected by this profile. From here one can also choose what color will represent this profile on the mouse leds. This makes it easier to selected the wanted profile from the mouse's memory.


There are nine different buttons to customize in G9. There are several different actions that can be tied to any of those buttons. These cover everything from regular mouse button actions to volume adjustments and keyboard macros.


X and Y axis can have their own sensitivity settings. In single profile there can be as much as five different sensitivity steps that are all customizable by the user. From this menu one can also tweak the cursor accelerations and polling rates.


Scrolling speeds can also be ajusted separately for vertical and horizontal scrolling.

Profile Manager

This menu allows one to transfer profiles to G9's built-in memory. There is room for five separate profiles. One nifty feature is the application detection that will, for example, activate the profile assigned to Counter-Strike as soon as you launch the game.



Macro editor

From here one can record and manage the macros. Software allows both the keyboard and mouse events to be recorded. These can then be assigned to desired mouse buttons.

Looks of the Macro editor feel bit outdated compared to the rest of the SetPoint software but it gets the job done so that is not a big issue.

What I liked about the SetPoint is the clean looks. In many times, the gaming related products have these hip and pop and bling-bling control softwares that are pain to use. Others might find the SetPoint bit conservative but I hope they keep this line with the future products too.

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