Logitech G9

Laser Gaming Mouse.
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 24.09.2007
Manufacturer: Logitech
Product Group: Input
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As shown on the previous page, user can select a led color for the profile. This offer a nice bonus feature to modders as they can match the color of these leds to the color theme of their modded case.


  • MicroGear Scroll Wheel
  • Clean software
  • Nine buttons
  • Changeable grips

  • CONS 
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    There were many good things on this mouse, some average features but nothing fatally wrong. Many of the enhancements will divide opinions whether they are pros or cons but in the end, I believe that gamers will find this mouse to be very good and adopt it.

    For consumers, having a strong base product that can be tweaked by only changing the grip is definitely a plus. 3200 dpi engine, customizable weights, profiles etc. will keep G9 alive and usable for a long time so users will save money by updating only the grip if needed. The feel of the product can be changed a lot by only replacing this plastic backend of the mouse. I just hope that Logitech made a long term commitment and supplies those new grips that were promised.

    As a personal note, yes, I did enjoy using the G9. I believe it is the mouse for many of the gamers and also the office type of users. Price may be bit high when compared to other mice but then again, gaming products tend to pump up the price only by stating they are meant to be used for gaming. In this case there is real value behind the listed price.

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