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Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 06.12.2005
Manufacturer: Logitech
Product Group: Keyboard
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Power of macros



When you have 18 keys that can have three separate functions each, you need to have a tool to control them. That is where the Profiler comes in. With it, one can assign and remove macros and program shortcuts to the keys. Just press the key on the screen with your mouse and it shows you all the features that you can tie to that specific key. Very intuitive and easy to use program.


Profiler options

From options menu you can make the profiler start when the Windows start. Profile switching can be made visible to the LCD screen and one can enable and disable quick macro help feature from here too.

Macro Manager

Macro Manager

You can record macros two ways. Either from the profiler's Macro Manager or via the quick macros on the keyboard. With Macro Manager it is easy to see the keycombos that make the macro, record new ones or remove the old. Possibility to record delays between key presses while recording the macro is a powerfull feature as in games there maybe needs to have slightly delayed actions taken one after another. For example when you select a spell that you want to cast and it takes time to charge to be usable.

Quick Macros

Quick macro recording

These three screens show you what instructions the LCD gives you when you start to record a new quick macro. First you select the wanted mode with M1, M2 and M3. Press the MR button, activating the recording function. After that you just press the G key you want to assign, enter the keycombos and finish the recording with another press of a MR button. Really easy and something that you can do in the middle of the game if needed.


Profile Properties

Different games can have different macro sets on the G keys. You can make new profiles easily and tie them to specific games so that when the game is launched, right profile is loaded and G key functions updated to the keyboard. In this way, user doesn't need to make any selections before he/she launch the game as all this is done automatically.



User can browse for the game .exe via the Profile Properties window. Another way is just launch the game or program normally and then accepting it as the program to be used via the profile by using the LCD and the soft keys.

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