Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboard with style in mind

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 05.04.2010
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Product Group: Keyboards
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We've had plenty of gaming gear for a review, and this time the theme continues. This time we take a look at Microsoft's new Sidewinder X4 gaming keyboard. Earlier we've reviewed Microsoft's Sidewinder X6 keyboard, and this one is supposed to be a bit simplified and cheaper version, with some of the X6's features dropped.


Package & Specs & Bundle


Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Gaming Keyboard - Gaming keyboard with style in mind

The new Sidewinder arrived to our tests in a flashy box, quite similar to the ones we've seen with other products of the MS's Sidewinder gaming hardware. The box stands from the crowd with the flashy colors and a bit different design and also serves well in keeping the product inside safe.

  • Advanced anti-ghosting capability
    Press up to 26 keys simultaneously without ghosting.what you press is what you get!
  • Mode switching
    Manually toggle the keyboard from standard mode to either of two gaming modes. LEDs show the selected mode.
  • Automatic profile switching
    When a game or application profile is assigned using the software, the keyboard detects the game or application you are running and applies your custom profile to the application.
  • Programmable macro keys
    Switch among three banks of six programmable macro keys to assign up to 18 macros per profile.
  • In-game Macro Record button
    Record any sequence of keystrokes - even standard chat messages. Macros are stored on your hard drive and can be easily shared.
  • Automatic macro repetition
    Set your macros to repeat.
  • Backlit keys
    Adjust key-legend backlighting with three illumination levels plus .off..
  • Media keys
    Play/Pause, Previous Track, Next Track, and Mute.
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty

Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Gaming Keyboard - Gaming keyboard with style in mind

Inside the box are the keyboard, a manual, a product flier and the driver disc. The specifications mainly contain hype on the macro features, but there are also some other stuff worth noticing. First of all Microsoft promises up to 26 simultaneous key presses, which sounds crazy as usually this number is under ten even on gaming keyboards. The board also comes with backlight with three settings for brightness.

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