Microsoft SideWinder

X5 Gaming Mouse & X6 Gaming Keyboard
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 10.09.2008
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Product Group: Input
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Gaming related hardware and markets for them are booming. Gaming has become a type of electronic sport that has athletes competing against one another. If one believes that the hardware can give an edge over the opponent, one will use it without hesitation.

In this review we will be focusing on Microsoft's latest gaming peripherals. The X5 gaming mouse lends its design from the previous SideWinder Gaming Mouse. X6 Gaming Keyboard on the other hand is a completely new product. Let us find out if these newcomers can improve your gaming.

SideWinder X5 Gaming Mouse


Microsoft SideWinder X5 Gaming Mouse and X6 Gaming Keyboard

Boxing is similar that we saw with the previous SideWinder Mouse. Bright red so you won't miss it when looking for a new gaming mouse from the store.

The bundle


Microsoft SideWinder X5 Gaming Mouse and X6 Gaming Keyboard

Bundle is a lot more limited than with the previous model - Driver CD and two thin quick start guides. I believe Microsoft realized the same philosophy that for example SteelSeries have with their products - KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid. There are only so many gamers that want to tweak the weight of the mouse, use cord bungies etc.

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