Microsoft SideWinder X8

Gaming mouse with Bluetrack technology
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 09.06.2009
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Product Group: Input devices
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Love it or hate it, the gaming hardware is here to stay. While some of the gaming products are plain silly, there are also some things that make sense - gaming mice. Not many gamers would like to go back to the days before high DPI sensors, low lag and plenty of keys. We've reviewed quite a few gaming mice already, and when Microsoft came out with a new model with some fancy new features, it got our attention. We've already reviewed the earlier mice from Microsoft's gaming range: Habu, Sidewinder and Sidewinder X5.

As a disclaimer I have to say that I've been using and loving my Logitech MX518 for quite a while now, so suddenly changing to a mouse of different model and size will take some time. Because mice are always so much about personal favors, the take on the newcomer may be a bit biased. On the other hand, if I fall in love with the X8, it'll be the ultimal Editor's Choice. The stakes are high, now let the game begin.

SideWinder X8


Microsoft SideWinder X8 Bluetrack Gaming Mouse

The Sidewinder X8 comes in a bright red box with the mouse clearly visible from the topside, and also partly from the bottom. In case there's no real test sample available in the store, one can also feel the shape of the mouse through the thin plastic. Anyway I'd suggest to always try a mouse before buying it, especially when the design stands from the rest.

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