MSI Star Mouse

Gaming mouse with lights
Author: Toni 'HaoKi' Siik
Published: 17.09.2008
Manufacturer: MSI
Product Group: Input
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MSI is not so known for its mice than for example its laptops and motherboards. Today we have their new gaming-mouse in our hands.

MSI Star Mouse GS-501

As the industry never really stands still, new products are introduced constantly to the market. In this case, this mouse isn't produced anymore as it has been replaced with a newer version, the GS-502. This time around the changes have only been cosmetic and those aren't that big either.


MSI Star Mouse GS-501

Nothing surprising about this box, it does its job like it should and showcases the flashy mouse nicely. The front of the box shows that mouse itself and on the back you can find all of the features of the mouse.



MSI Star Mouse GS-501

The bundle has everything we've accustomed to getting with newer gaming mice. You can find the driver CD, weights for the weight system, a manual and of course the mouse itself.

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