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Gaming mouse with lights
Author: Toni 'HaoKi' Siik
Published: 17.09.2008
Manufacturer: MSI
Product Group: Input
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While using the mouse I really haven't run into any problems. The mouse functions as it's supposed to and after getting used to its shape the mouse has been comfortable to use.

Accuracy-wise I really have nothing to complain about as the mouse tracks well and even the lift-off distance is reasonable. I settled for a DPI of 2000 as the 3200 is just too fast for me. The mouse was tested with the same routine as the earlier Steelseries Ikari-mice and the mouse worked fine throughout the whole testing period.

Identical triplets?

While doing some research for this review I stumbled upon something fairly interesting. While reading through a couple of other reviews I really couldn't believe my eyes.


MSI Star Mouse GS-501

The OCZ Dominatrix and the newer MSI GS-502 follow the same design. The Cyber Snipa Stinger then again follows the same design as the GS-501. The coloration really is just about the only thing that's different with these mice. Not only the mice are the same, but the control-software for each of these mice looks just about the same. The layout is just a little bit different in each case.

The mice are all priced at around 40 €, and they really should be. It's a shame that companies nowadays just seem to buy finished products and just branding them, instead of designing something new. Oh well, at least if you like the design of this mouse you can choose which color scheme you want. The OCZ offer the blue-black theme, the Cyber Snipa a black-red theme and the MSI the flashy tribal theme.


  • Looks (if you happen to like tribals and Vegas)
  • Working design
  • Price

  • CONS 
  • Looks (if you're really not a big fan of tribals and Vegas)
  • Flimsy build-quality
  • Not MSI's own product
  • Software
  • Award
    Bronze Award!

    I do hope that the software-side of the mouse will be improved. This version of the mouse, the GS-501, does feel a bit too "plasticy" especially when compared with the likes of the Steelseries Ikari-series and the Logitech G9. For a mouse this price, I really can't complain. If you like tribals and flashy lights, this may be the mouse for you. If not, you might want to look at the other variations of this mouse.

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    • 18.09.2008 09:42 caspar

    • Quote:
      I personally would've left the lightshow in Vegas, but there might be people that would consider the fading lights cool.

      What lightshow? I checked the youtube video and I didn't notice any lightshow. One small fading red LED isn't a lightshow. And the MSI logo is under your palm so it doesn't even show. And the light in the wheel has to be changed by yourself so that doesn't count as a lighshow either. I believe you haven't visited las vegas.
    • 18.09.2008 10:34 HaoKi

    • Well I counted it as a lightshow as it displays every color possible and there is no way to turn off the lights or choose the colors. I just don't find it stylish to have one green led, one red and 1 blue shining at the same time... I don't know how the lights are implemented in the newer GS-502 that has replaced this version.
      Don't know about you, but I don't have the mouse in my hand all the time I'm in the same room with the computer. I really prefer not to unplug the mouse, or hide it while watching a movie etc... :)
      As I mentioned, if you like pulsating lights and flame tribals you really should have a look at this mouse... ;)
    • 18.09.2008 13:54 caspar

    • Point being that las vegas remark was overstatement
    • 18.09.2008 14:49 HaoKi

    • Point taken. :) Too bad the video really doesn't show the effect in its full glory... :?
    • 21.09.2008 18:36 XtremePanda

    • I actually own Cyber Snipa Stinger and at first I thought "what a ripoff", but seems it's just a same on the inside on every mouse. But anyways I quite like my mouse. It's the best mouse I had so far.

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