Matrix Orbital MX610

PLED Display Module with USB connection.
Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 06.06.2006
Manufacturer: Matrix Orbital
Product Group: Modding
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Every person into computer modding must have heard the words Matrix Orbital. This Canadian manufacturer has become famous for its lcd displays. Matrix Orbital's, over ten years of experience, makes it interesting to see how well this product performs in our review.




As a review unit, I have a MX series MX610 pled display. The display unit itself has a keypad with 7 buttons to read user input. Retail package shows clearly what this product is about. In addition to the display, package contains a cd-rom filled with drivers and an electronic manual. Also a shorter printed manual is provided. MO added two temperature probes and a discrete three led panel to the test unit. These are optional and can be purchased separately.



Different color options and models without the keypad are shown in the cover of the package. MX610 is available in black and beige plastic framing and with black and silver aluminun framing. Aluminum version is shipped without the keypad.

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