Matrix Orbital MX610

PLED Display Module with USB connection.
Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 06.06.2006
Manufacturer: Matrix Orbital
Product Group: Modding
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When LCDC is running, user will, at first, be fooled by its simple appearance. One might think that this is a limited edition with only couple of functions. After playing around for couple of minutes it becomes clear that this is very versatile program which needs some studying. That 'Winamp spectrum analyzer' will not show on the screen instantly.

Fastest way to learn this program is to combine the manual and the MO forums from the internet. Matrix Orbital has made a decision between "fast to learn" and a versatile program. I think versatility is the only right choice here and total newbies will not buy this product anyway so it's ok for the LCDC to be a little tricky at first. To make my point clear: LCDC does not include any 'show Winamp on screen' magic button.

Small window and couple of buttons doesn't reveal how well equipped this tool really is. In this main screen the most important buttons are start display and screen builder. These are used to build stuff for MX610 to show on screen and when/how to start the screen. Configure menu comes familiar, especially if MX610 is used to control fans based on RPM-data. Small icons on the bottom show which plugins are loaded. Plugins are used to get data for display to use and show. For example, wa2 and wa3 plugins know how to get data from Winamp. Track names and length of tunes will come easily via them. Plugins are kind of a gateway between computer and the display.

Screen builder

As the name says, screen builder is part of LCDC where content is made for MX610. Creating screens resembles primitive programming. Command are chosen using mouse so you can even use trial and error method when learning. Screen builder needs some time to get used to, but it will pay back later. Even one night of training might do the trick and best assistance here is some patience and common sense.


Screen builder

Things created in screen builder are called screens. These screens are then shown in a desired order on the MX610. For each screen, user can define how long it will be shown. In addition, conditions for showing a specific screen can be added. In the picture above are listed some screens. Name of the screen gives a hint what it will shown on MX610. Also the duration and skip screen terms are visible.



In the situation above, play screen is chosen. See how in the screen skip part states plugin not active. In practise this will cause LCDC to skip this specific screen if Winamp is not running. Oppositely clock screen is not shown if Winamp is running. This is the way to make MX act as desired in different situations. My own selection of screens show various data when PC is running idle. Time, free disc space, free memory etc. When Winamp is started, it will replace all screens and show track name and a spectrum analyzer instead.

Different transitions can be added between the screens. These range from stylish fade to complicated blinking strobe effects. Too bad when a transition starts, all movement on the screen stops. Just when nice fade is beginning the Winamp analyzer stops moving and it doesn't look too good. Minor problem but still bit annoying.

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