Matrix Orbital MX610

PLED Display Module with USB connection.
Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 06.06.2006
Manufacturer: Matrix Orbital
Product Group: Modding
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LCDC continued



Situation above will show which tune Winamp is currently playing and what is the running length of it. When desired data is found, it's simply double clicked and LCDC interprets it to its own code. Plugins offer unbelievable amount of different data to choose from: it is very addictive to try out different combinations. Seeing results scrolling on the pled-display is like magic!


Just when screens start to feel familiar, a new menu is found. Events menu is very similar to the screen menu and works almost in the same way. If you know how to build screens, events is easy thing to learn. In the picture Nuoli oikealle event is chosen. This event will cause Winamp to change track if user presses key on the keypad of MX610. ('nuoli oikealle' means 'right arrow' in Finnish.)

This function is defined pretty easily. Event row is filled with code through the square button. This time it brings up a menu of different situtations when action is wanted to happen. Term for this event to happen is a keypad press. After this user defines which key needs to be pressed to trigger the event. Last step is to choose what will happen when event occurs. Square button is used once again and under wa3 plugin next track is chosen. After building one event it starts to feel very logical and easy system. Different options are just waiting to be tried out!



Other triggering conditions can be used too, for example if hard drive is 100% full, it can launch an event. Data from temperature probes is very usable here too, it's not very hard to imagine how it can be used. The action taken doesn't have to happen inside a PC, event can start a fan or activate a gpo. In practise LCDC can light a led when something happens. 3 led panel is great in signal use to indicate incoming e-mail, overheat inside a computer or just about anything. Serious modders could replace leds with relays and start a coffee maker when time is 8:00 am for example!

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