Matrix Orbital MX610

PLED Display Module with USB connection.
Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 06.06.2006
Manufacturer: Matrix Orbital
Product Group: Modding
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  • Very bright
  • Image quality
  • Software very versatile
  • Good external connections

  • CONS
  • Keypad is stiff
  • Price

  • Award
    "Editor's Choice" Award

    Overall Matrix Orbital MX610 is almost a flawless package. Biggest weakness must be the stiffness of the keypad. Keys can be replaced, but in this price range it's a problem which has to be mentioned. Green colour of this pled display might look old-fashioned for someone's taste. During the test there was zero problems in operation so Pled technology seems convincing and reliable.

    Screens and events make LCDC and MX610 a perfect match with endless usage options. User is free to create very complex event chains and automated actions. I think the LCDC software is really great way to control MX610. It is easy enough and offers just unbelievable amount of possibilities. When LCDC becomes familiar, the software part starts to feel primary part of this product: creating events and screens is just so fun, interesting and useful.

    Let's say you want to replace your server's old monitor with something fancier; MX610 will do just fine! Just build the right events and screens and use couple of leds to show malfunctions. Install this display to your keyboard and using Winamp you can view track names and control buttons with ease. Even basic 5,25" mounting will boost your PC's looks and usability. This is the absolute accessory for daredevils and experienced users if the price is not an obstacle.

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