Thecus YES Box N2100

Networked data archive with up to two SATA drives.
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 10.10.2006
Manufacturer: Thecus
Product Group: Storage
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Now that people are enjoying most of their videos, music and photos stored in digital formats, it is getting very important to keep the data safe but also easily accessible. Tapes are safe but are slow to access, CDs and DVDs have capacity limits so hard drives seem to be optimal in many ways. Now that you can get gigabytes worth of storage space for pennies, you need a device to hook the drives up to that makes all the data accessible fast and easy. That's where N2100 from Thecus comes in.

N2100 Data Archive





So this is what you get:

  • N2100 Data Archive
  • Power adapter
  • Software CD
  • Manual
  • Mousepad
  • Two ethernet cables
  • Set of screws

Bundle seems fairly typical for this kind of device but it was great to see the inclusion of two ethernet cables. As the specs will reveal, the N2100 has two Gigabyte ethernet connectors so these cables might get handy the moment you start to install it. I also feel that the mousepad adds a nice personal touch to the whole bundle. Hard drives are not included.

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