Noiseblocker-Fortron 400W

Author: Toni 'Dragosoft' Laine
Published: 07.03.2004
Manufacturer: Noiseblocker
Product group: Power supply


Test Platform

Testing Platform

ProcessorAmd Athlon XP (Barton) 2500+@3000+
MemoryTwinmoss pc2700 2x256MB
MotherboardEpox 8RDA3+
Hard drivesSeagate Barracuda IV 60GB
Seagate Barracuda V 120GB
GPUHercules 3D Prophet 9500pro

All the tests were run with this Platform. Voltage measurements were taken with MBM5 program's plugin MBMlog and Meterman 34XR multimeter. You should keep in mind that MBM5 isn't all that accurate. Idle measurements taked after one hour idle and stress tests were made with 3DMark03. Multimeter values were taken right from output Molex connector's lines.

Photos from multimeter's show you the min. and max. values.

Multimeter +5V idle

MBMlog +5V idle

Multimeter +5V "burn"

MBMlog +5V "burn"

+5 V line is very stable, both idle and "burn" like. The diagram draws a perfect straight line. There isn't big difference between multimeters min. and max. values on "burn" and idle mode. Multimeter left value is max. and right value is min. Excellent!

Multimeter +12V idle,

MBMlog +12V idle

Mutimeter +12V "burn"

MBMlog +12V "burn"

+12V line was in idle like a straight line, but few bumps wanted inside the picture too. :) In "burn" mode +12V line had tiny swinging. Multimeter show bit more swinging on voltages. Great values nevertheless.

Voltages were what Fortron promises. On "burn" +5 V line was as stable as in idle, but +12 V started to fluctuate a bit on "burn". In my opinion the voltages were excellent and during the test weeks there were not crashes that could have been caused by the power supply.

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