Noiseblocker-Fortron 400W

Author: Toni 'Dragosoft' Laine
Published: 07.03.2004
Manufacturer: Noiseblocker
Product group: Power supply



Noiseblocker-Fortron 400W

  • Quiet
  • Powerfull
  • SATA power connector
  • Stability

  • Cons
  • Price

  • Award
    "Really Silent!" -award

    Noiseblocker-Fortron power supply really is quiet and advertised 11-20db hold good at least by ear. There is also power and stability in NB-Fortron, Voltage measurements prove that. These are the things what people wants from their computers and its components. Only minus is its price, Noiseblocker-Fortron will lighten your wallet by 120€ here in Finland. With six molex, two floppy and one SATA power connector you have current for quite big system.

    Noiseblocker-Fortron is combination of silence, power and reliability. This gives very positive feeling to me, as there is nothing else "wrong" than the price. NB-Fortron power supply is most quiet power supply that I have ever seen, and that is why I can say that this is one of the most quiet power supply what you can buy. Noiseblocker-Fortron is almost silent in practice, just like arvertisement says.

    NB-Fortron 400W power supply have proven that there can be power, stability and quietness in the same package. This power plant can be recommend to everyone whos wallet have enough loose money. Because the unit clearly showed me how silent it is, only thing left for me is to give our "Really Silent!" -award for it.

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