Nexus Caterpillar

Silent Computer enclosure.
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 10.09.2007
Manufacturer: Nexus
Product Group: System enclosure
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The fans that come installed with the case are also made by Nexus and are black and white versions of the orange D12SL-12 -fans that are very popular among the quiet PC-builders. The fans are installed using rubber pins, which further improve their performance noise-wise. Compared to for example the Antec Tri-Cool fans found in the P-series cases these are significantly better, and it's great to see them preinstalled to the case and not be optional with optional price.

Unfortunately there's no dust-filter whatsoever on the front fan, so it sucks all the dust to the case. I'd really like to see atleast some sort of filter here, even if it wouldn't be easily removable for cleaning.



The HDD-cage is only 45 mm away from the regular sized PSU, so again it's a tight fit with the cables of a non-modular power supply. Fortunately the designers at Nexus have noticed this problem and made a hole to the HDD-cage so the cables can go trought it. The 4-pin power and PCI-e cables though were so short they had to be routed up already before the HDD-cage.



The second problem during the installation is again HDD-related. Unfortunately the designers haven't foreseen this, or just haven't thought of it. For a builder though it's painfully obvious that the side panel can't be mounted when there are cables sticking out of the case. This is the same problem we faced with the Antec Sonata 3, the HDDs are installed sideways and so only the S-ATA power connectors with a 90-degree angle can be used. The space here is so limited (25 mm) I just didn't have the nerves to bend the cables sharply enough because of the dranger of ruining the connectors in the HDDs. This is a very serious problem and can only be solved by, one way or another, getting a power supply with the cornered S-ATA connectors.

Editor in Chief's opinion

"Many of the modern cases are toolless but having to screw something on the old way is just fine by me. On the image above there are three HDDs installed. You can spot the six screws holding them in place. I'm not sure about others but I wouldn't want to tip the case to its side when I wanted to change the HDD. Removable HDD-cages are very common these days and so are quick-lock mechanisms to the HDDs so why make this kind of HDD-cage to the Catepillar? I bet most of the users will leave the bottoms screws off but that might not be the best option noise-wise. I would really like to see this redesigned to the next model."

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