Nexus Caterpillar

Silent Computer enclosure.
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 10.09.2007
Manufacturer: Nexus
Product Group: System enclosure
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Final assembly



Apart from the S-ATA problem the installation was pretty straight forward. There are plastic quick locks in the PCI card slots, but other than that everything is held in place by screws. One thing I really miss in this case is some sort of noise dampening for the HDDs and the optical drive. It's really surprising there are no silicon pads or something for the HDDs as this tries to be a quiet case, these days they seem to be popular even in normal cases...


To test the noise level of the fans on the case, they were connected to a fanless powersupply. This made it easier to listen the case fans instead of all the coolers and fans of the rig inside. During the listening two things became clear, first of all the D12SL-12 fans are very quiet even at full 12 volts. Other thing was not that great as the rotor of the front fan wasn't straight and caused extra noise. It's a shame one of the fans was defective, because other than that the impressions of the noise test were positive.

Because installing the side panel was impossible, we weren't able to test the actual noise reducing properties of the case. When using the setup open it became obvious the HDDs really need some sort of vibration-killers as the read-noise was disturbingly loud.


  • Quiet fans
  • Noise absorption material preinstalled

  • CONS 
  • No dust filters
  • No HDD-silencing
  • No room for straight S-ATA power connectors

    Overall the Caterpillar proved to be a pretty nice case. The upside-down design works well and there were no major flaws in the internal design. But unfortunately there are a couple of important features still missing; the dust-filter for the front fan and the silicon pads for the HDDs. Also the position and the design of the HDD-cage could be tweaked for the future models.

    With a couple of modifications (some of which would require changing the outer dimensions, though), the Caterpillar could be well worth the Editors Choise-award, but now it just has too many flaws. Not that they make the case useless, far from it, but still we would have liked to see these things thought out already.

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