NZXT H2 Classic

Silent and well ventilated system enclosure

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 22.03.2011
Manufacturer: NZXT
Product Group: Enclosures
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We haven't done too many case reviews recently, but now NZXT said they were going to launch a new case and we just had to have one for a review. NZXT is probably best known for their eye catching gamer cases, but the brand does already have more subtly styled cases for the rest of us. The case they sent us now is a H2 Classic and it definitely fits to the latter category.


Package & Specs


NZXT H2 Classic - Silent and well ventilated system enclosure

  • Two 120 mm front intake fans
  • One 120 mm rear exhaust fan
  • One optional 140 mm roof exhaust fan
  • One optional 120 mm floor intake fan
  • Hot-swap drive bay for a 2,5" or 3,5" hard drive
  • Three speed fan controller
  • Easy front-access drive bays
  • Dust filters on all air intakes
  • 8* 3,5 drive bays
  • 3* 5,25" drive bays
  • Dimensions: 460 (H) x 513 (D) x 215 (W) mm

We got the case as a pre-production sample, so it arrived packed in a plain old cardboard box with barely any information. In fact, at the time of writing, there are no specifications available for the case, either, so we had to come up with the list.

As we can see, the H2 Classic is a mid-tower case, loaded with features. It has plenty of storage options with total of 8 3,5" and three 5,25" drive bays and there's also a hot-swap drive bay on the roof. The cooling sounds decent, sure, we've seen plenty more fans on some gaming cases, but really this is all it takes to cool even a high performance system. As other features worth pointing out there are dust filters on all air intakes and a fan controller to keep the noise down.




NZXT H2 Classic - Silent and well ventilated system enclosure

The bundle contains a manual, an NZXT product flyer, zip ties, silicon vibration dampeners for a fan, a case speaker and a load of screws, nicely sorted to different plastic bags to make the installation a breeze. Rather than being a separate unit, the fan controller is built in to the case.

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