NZXT Rogue

Aluminum SFF Gaming Case
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 05.02.2008
Manufacturer: NZXT.
Product Group: Computer case
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External looks

First impressions besides the shape are that the case is surprisingly heavy for an aluminum case and there's a door that covers almost the entire front panel. Also there's a small window on the top panel that we'll take a closer look later in this review.


NZXT Rogue

After finding the key and opening the door, one can see the two external 5,25" and one external 3,5" bay. Other things that can be seen here are the two shiny buttons on the bottom, power and reset. There are no markings of any kind showing which is which, but I think it's logical that the larger one is power and smaller is the reset.

On the left side of the front panel starting from the top there's the lock, two USB-ports, microphone and headphone connections and an e-sata connection. Replacing the usual firewire with e-sata is a good thing as fast external hard disks become more and more popular all the time. Next to the connections there's a vertical slit that gets lit up when the power is on. The small grey spot on the right side of the light beam is just a small magnet that keeps the door shut.

On the very left one can also see the profile of the side panels and on the right one can see the three decorative holes on the door.


NZXT Rogue

Closer look at the side panel shows that there are places for two 120 mm fans behind the side panel and one of the fans comes installed. On the left side there are also dust filters for the fans, which is excellent. The only problem here is that the filters are hard to remove for cleaning. Out of the box the fans on the case are located so the one on the left panel sucks air in and the one on the rear panel and the one on the right side panel blow air out of the case. This also explains why only the left side panel has dust filters.


NZXT Rogue

The rear panel shows why the case is so odd shaped - the power supply is located over the PCI-slots. Here one can also see the removable motherboard tray that is held in place with four thumb screws. For easy access the roof is held in place with a single thumb screw. A bit oddly also the PSU plate is held in place with four thumb screws. We'll come back to that later.

NZXT has used a black wire-fingerguard for the 120 mm blue led fan on the rear panel for minimal airflow restriction.

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