NZXT Rogue

Aluminum SFF Gaming Case
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 05.02.2008
Manufacturer: NZXT.
Product Group: Computer case
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Internal looks


NZXT Rogue

After removing the roof there are still four little screws that hold the side panels in place. Unfortunately installing the Rogue can't really be called tool-less as removing the side panels requires a screw driver. As the sides are stripped apart though, it's very easy to access all the parts inside the case. Also it's worth noticing that in this image the only aluminum parts left are the storage cage and the front panel. As mentioned in the specifications, the case isn't entirely made of alu and I can see where that comes from. Making the frame of aluminum would require using thick material and using some sort of reinforcements around the screw areas as most parts are mounted to the frame using normal screws.


NZXT Rogue

Here you can see the profile of the removed side panel. It's fabricated out of 3 mm aluminum, which gives the side panels very sturdy and quality touch. The fans are a bit off from the side panel, which may help reduce turbulence caused by air traveling through the grooves. Unfortunately though the fans are bolted straight to the side panel without using soft silicon grommets or something to reduce the vibrations traveling to the case.

Size Comparision

It may be hard to understand the size of the Rogue just by looking at the images, so I decided to compare it to a well known, basic shaped Antec P180. The point of this comparison is to see how much the cases consume table area and how much do they give volume for the size they take.

  NZXT Rogue Antec P180B
Area 1154 cm² 1020 cm²
Volume 43,5 dm³ (litres) 52 dm³ (litres)

From here one can see that the good old design has its pros. If you're only looking for ways to save desk space then a normal mid-tower case is still the way to go, but if outlooks plays any factor then ofcourse these things are irrelevant. For a mATX case the Rogue is still pretty large.

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