NZXT Rogue

Aluminum SFF Gaming Case
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 05.02.2008
Manufacturer: NZXT.
Product Group: Computer case
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NZXT Rogue

The installation began from the hard drives and optical drive as they seemed to be hard to access after all the other parts are in place. To mount a 5,25" device the front panel has to be removed. It's held in place with four small screws and two pins. These keep it nicely in place, but some sort of tool free mechanism would naturally be nicer to use.

After the front panel is loose, there are two even smaller screws holding the original 5,25" cover plate in place. When this cover is removed, installing the DVD drive can be done using the provided drive rails or by using normal screws. I figured the screws are more secure way of doing this and used them. It's worth noticing that the 5,25" device can only be screwed in place when there are no HDDs installed, so you better do this first.

After the DVD drive is in place, the HDDs are mounted using normal screws. As nice little detail I noticed that one can slide the HDDs into place via the front when the front panel is removed. This makes it easy to add/change the HDDs when the PSU is installed. There are strips of rubber on every drive bay to reduce vibrations and the cages are made of thick aluminum, which will help keep the temperatures under control.


NZXT Rogue

The cooler used on the setup was the very low profile cooler from Pccool that we took a closer look in the AVC-S7 review. Despite this has to have one of the lowest profiles of any coolers I've seen, there still is not too much clearance between it and the case frame. The motherboard tray is a great feature as it allows to install the cards and the cooler already outside the case, but unfortunately it also comes with some problems and you still have to install the largest CPU coolers the old fashion way.


NZXT Rogue

Unfortunately the high CPU-coolers aren't the only things that can cause headache when using the mobo tray, also high PCI/PCI-e cards can cause troubles. The two cards installed here are Soundblaster Live! and Foxconn 8600GTS. Both are normal sized cards, but the fit is still so tight the edge of the back panel scrapes the cards when the tray is pushed in place. Obviously there's no room for higher-than-normal extension cards or graphic card coolers that have heatpipes or heatsinks sticking over the edge of the graphics card.

A bit higher than normal cards can still be installed after the tray is in place using the old fashion way. The PSU can't be installed when doing this and tightening the screw is hard, but it's still possible.


NZXT Rogue

Earlier in the rear view we noticed that the HDD-bracket is held in place with four thumb screws. That's because it's interchangeable with the one also provided with the case. The on that comes installed is suitable for most PSUs, but if you're using an extra long power supply then you may want to use the special bracket. It brings the PSU 25 mm out of the case and thus gives more room inside and especially on the HDD-area. These interchangeable powersupply plates make me wonder why NZXT didn't also include one for mATX power supplies. It's pretty easy to make one of your own if you want to use mATX PSU in the Rogue, but it would have been nice to see one to come included in the bundle.

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