NZXT Rogue

Aluminum SFF Gaming Case
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 05.02.2008
Manufacturer: NZXT.
Product Group: Computer case
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NZXT Rogue

When all the wiring is done it's time for blastoff. The two blue-lit strips on the front are a bit of a shock at first, but other than that the lights aren't that bright. The strategically placed blue led fan on the rear panel shows nicely through the window and also lights up the components inside. Even though I'd still take my case with white lights or with no lights at all, I'm sure the outlooks will please many. Like it or not, atleast I'd like to see a switch that would turn off the lights.


I ran some noise tests in the middle of the night when the ambient noise is at minimum and the Rogue proved to be very quiet! With all the three fans hooked to an external fanless 12 V power supply the overall impression was very positive. With all the panels in place the noise sounds like some noise absorbing material could make miracles, overall the result was stil impressive from a case that has so many fans and hasn't actually been designed to be specially quiet.

On the downside of things I have to say is that the case is hard to make any quieter. First methods how to fight the noise are removing the fan grilles and attach the fans using rubber grommets/pins. Neither of these methods work with Rogue without ruining the outlooks.


  • Quiet fans
  • Thick & sturdy aluminum panels
  • Dust filters

  • CONS 
  • CPU Cooler size limitations
  • Award

    All together the Rogue proved to be a nice case to work with, after removing the panels installing the setup was easy. The only issues that I can think of are the CPU cooler limitations using the motherboard tray and that all the panels should be held in place with thumb screws or some other tool-less methods. The carrying harness is a great bundle for a "gaming" case and the NZXT fans are very quiet. Aesthetics come down to personal favors, but so far I haven't found too many people who wouldn't like the looks of brushed aluminum.

    More generally taking a close look at the Rogue was also a crash-course to cube cases. On the downside these take up a terrible amount of space on the desk for what volume they give, but the shape may also make it easier to add more space to where it's needed without having to increase the overall size. For example in the design of Rogue there's loads of room over the CPU (despite the problems with the motherboard tray, there's still room for a huge heatsink). On normal tower cases this kind of room over the CPU slot would make the case enormous.

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