NZXT Switch 810

Stylish and well ventilated case!

Author: Lauri 'lauri_lr' Rahtu
Published: 17.01.2012
Manufacturer: NZXT
Product Group: Enclosures
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NZXT Switch 810 - Stylish and well ventilated case!

When you take a look at the interior of Switch 810 you can see that there’s a lot of space inside. There are many holes for easy cable management and there are rubbers around the holes to make the look neater. There are two HDD cages in Switch 810 and each cage can handle up to three HDDs (3.5” and 2.5”). HDDs cannot be seen when looking at the case from the left side. When you want to install or remove HDD you have to either remove the HDD cage or remove the right side panel to get access to HDDs. For 5.25” devices Switch 810 has a tool-less installation.


NZXT Switch 810 - Stylish and well ventilated case!

From the right side you can see the large hole in the motherboard tray. This way it’s easy to change CPU cooler without removing motherboard. The hole is large enough so there won’t be problems with different motherboards.

Behind the motherboard tray there’s also a hub for fans with 3 pin connectors. The hub gets its power from one molex connector. This is a very clever solution because now there won’t be problems with fans’ wires. Though you can’t adjust fan speeds at all. The hub supports up to seven individual fans.


HDD Hotswap


NZXT Switch 810 - Stylish and well ventilated case!

Like previously said, there’s an access to a hotswap in the front panel. HDD is mounted to a rack and then it’s simply mounted to the case. The connectors for hotswap are located in the lowest 5.25” slot.

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