NZXT Tempest

Mid-tower ATX case with good ventilation.
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 12.05.2008
Manufacturer: NZXT
Product Group: Computer case
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NZXT Tempest

From the side view one can more clearly see the shape of the case and how the front- and the top panel are similarily shaped. The extra panels are made of plastic and have a bit cheap touch to them. The color and edges fit nicely, but being light plastic they may resonate in use. The window is very large and will show also the PSU and all the cables.


NZXT Tempest

The whole front panel is made into nine 5,25 drive bays. The bay covers are perforated and the entire front panel works as a large ventilation grill. On the top of the front panel there's a small NZXT-text, but other than that, there are no visible logos or any text on the case.


NZXT Tempest

The bay coveres are made of perforated steel and there's a dust filter mounted to the backside of every single one of them. These filters are a very nice feature as the amount of air flowing through the case is huge. The front bezel is easy to remove so it's also easy to pop it off and use hoover to clean the filters. The individual bay covers are also easy to remove and wash, but there's simply so many of them that this way of cleaning takes a pretty long time.


NZXT Tempest

The backside of the case features the normal things for a mid-tower ATX case: seven PCI-slots, I/O hole, power supply hole and a 120 mm exhaust fan. Beside these there are also two rubber grommets for watercooling hoses. The PSU mounting plate can be turned around, so a PSU with a side fan can be installed to suck air from either above or bottom.

On the bottom of the case are four rubber feet that help against resonances and do a good job in keeping the case in place.


NZXT Tempest

The "front panel" connections and power and reset buttons are located to the roof of the case. The connections feature two USB-connectors and a microphone, a headphone and an e-sata connector. On the top of the case there are also two pieces of black mesh that cover the two 140 mm fans that are installed to the roof of the case. The connectors and buttons are easy to use if the case is located on the floor, but if the case is on the table then using the connections may be unnecessarily hard.

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