NZXT Tempest

Mid-tower ATX case with good ventilation.
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 12.05.2008
Manufacturer: NZXT
Product Group: Computer case
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Internal Layout


NZXT Tempest

The left side panel is held in place with two large thumb screws and after those are undone, it hinges around the front of the frame. This kind of opening method is needed as the side panel window and fan would make it impossible to normally slide the side panel back.

With the side panel removed one can see the 5,25" drive cage running all the way from top to bottom and two removable 3,5" drive cages already mounted to it. On the top of the 5,25" cage one can see three free 5,25" bays with quick mounts for optical drives. The white pouch seen here is attached to the cables so the connectors wouldn't scratch the window during the shipping.


NZXT Tempest

The right side panel is held in place with two normal screws and also pivots like the left panel. Removing the right side panel is needed in order to remove the HDD cages as they are secured in place with two screws. Here one can see the small holes through which the drive cages must be secured. The edges of those holes aren't rolled and are unfortunately pretty sharp. Without a magnet-tipped screw driver it can be a real pain to get the screw aligned correctly in order to secure the HDD-cages.

One can also see the two larger holes between the drive bays and the motherboard area. It seems like these coule be used for routing the cables behind the motherboard tray, but unfortunately it seems like NZXT didn't quite finish this cable managing idea. First of all the lip on the bottom of the motherboard tray is so thick it's impossible to fit an ATX power cable between it and the side panel and secondly there should be at least one hole also on the top of the motherboard tray.


NZXT Tempest

The front bezel can easily be removed by simply pulling it from the bottom. Removing the bezel reveals three 5,25" drive bays, one fitted with 3,5" adapter and two 120 mm fans covering the HDD cages. The Tempest is a "modular" case in a sense that the HDD cages can be fitted to any three 5,25" bays. This customizing may come handy especially if an extremely long graphic card is used and it blocks some of the 5,25" bays.


NZXT Tempest

The fan with a dust filter is mounted to the frame with four screws and the HDD cage by two drive rails and also two long screws. Removing a drive cage through the front of the case is a very quick operation already as is, but thumb screws or some other kind of quick release for the fans would be even more practical.

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