NZXT Tempest

Mid-tower ATX case with good ventilation.
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 12.05.2008
Manufacturer: NZXT
Product Group: Computer case
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The Fans


NZXT Tempest

The plastic shroud on top of the case can be removed by undoing six screws. Removing the shroud reveals the two 140 mm fans located to the top of the case. The model of these fans is FJ1402512SL and they are specified at 12 V 1,2 W. Unfortunately NZXT doesn't give any further specifications on either noise or CFM of these beasts.

The led fans found on the side panel and on the front of the case share the same specifications. Their model is FJ1202512SM and they are rated at 12 V 2,4 W. Unfortunately the only specification NZXT gives to these fans is that they have sleeve bearings. Seeing they are similar to those seen on Rogue, they should run pretty quietly. Also the single black 120 mm fan is identical with those seen on Rogue, so it should provide no surprises in terms of noise or power.

Build quality... or lack of it

Unfortunately the build quality of our test sample isn't quite up to standards. Most of the edges are rounded, so the issue isn't sharp edges, but both the 5,25" cage and the HDD caddies really caused some issues.


NZXT Tempest

First of all the whole right side of the 5,25" cage seems to be loose from the top. This might not be such a huge issue if the drives would be normally screwed in place, but the bending makes the quick mounts virtually useless. I can't really tell what happened here as at least I can't see any rivet holes that should be holding the cage in place. With some modding (an additional support to the top of the cage) the 5,25" cage would work well, but out of the box this is really a problem.


NZXT Tempest

In case installing the optical drives isn't hard enough due to the unstable cage, also the 3,5" cages have issues of their own. Originally there are three rivets holding the cage together, but two of these were loose out of the box. I really hope this is only an issue with our test sample, but this is a very unfortunate problem. The cage also seems to be made from too thin material as it is easily bent. A bent cage with quick mount rails isn't a good combination. All these issues make installing any drives to the case a real mission.

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