NZXT Tempest

Mid-tower ATX case with good ventilation.
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 12.05.2008
Manufacturer: NZXT
Product Group: Computer case
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NZXT Tempest

Unfortunately the drive-related issues weren't the last ones we faced with the Tempest. The small "bumps" meant to align the cards correctly, made the installation of a dual-slot graphic card hard. The bumps prevent the card from smoothly sliding into place and the PCI-bracket of the card had to be bent in order to get the card in place. Also the motherboards back panel bends all too easily, which made installation of the graphic card even harder. The material seems to be just too thin to properly support the motherboard.


NZXT Tempest

Installed hardware:

  • Abit IP35
  • E6750 @ 3,2 GHz (Cooled with Xigmatek HDT-S1283)
  • 2*1 GB 800 MHz Cellshock
  • Gainward Bliss 8800GT 1024 MB
  • Three S-ATA HDDs
  • Silverstone SST-ST56F 560W

Because the case is so deep there's lots of room inside. The HDD cage or the DVD drive don't overlap with the motherboard and there's easily enough room for even the longest graphic cards. The only problem that I can see here is that the motherboard could be installed maybe a centimeter or two lower so there would be more room for the CPU cooler. The lack of cable canals behind the motherboard result in a huge mess, which is always unfortunate in a case with a window.


NZXT Tempest

The side panel window is so large one can see half of the power supply and indeed also the wire mess. The CPU-cooler on the other hand is left partially hidden. The led fan is located nicely on top of the graphic card and will definitely help in cooling the card(s).

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