NZXT Tempest

Mid-tower ATX case with good ventilation.
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 12.05.2008
Manufacturer: NZXT
Product Group: Computer case
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Noise and Temperatures


NZXT Tempest

The led bars and fans on the front panel are surprisingly dim, but the side panel glows brightly in a dark room. Unfortunately it's easy to hear that there are six fans in the case and I warmly recommend adding a fan controller to the same order if you're about to buy a Tempest. The noise is mainly airflow rushing through the case and all the meshes, so it doesn't sound too annoying, just way too loud for my liking. The hard drives aren't suspended from the frame in any way so they are also easily audible. Then again, the Tempest isn't obviously designed to be the quietest case on the markets, so lets move to the temperature results!


NZXT Tempest

The temperatures were compared to a very quiet Antec P180 case that's been fitted with two Nexus D12SL-12 ("23 dB") and one Sharkoon Silent Systemfan ("21 dB") fans. During the tests, the ambient temperature was around 21 C.

The major difference in the results is the CPU temperature under load. In the P180 the overclocked E6750 heats up to 58 C where as in the Tempest the temperature never exceeded 50 degrees. This is not really a surprise seeing there are two 140 mm fans and one 120 mm fan right around the massive CPU cooler. The case temperature is the second reading where there's a major change, 8 degrees. The exact location where the IP35's sensor is remains a mystery, but altogether these results go to show that the Tempest is called Airflow king for a reason.


  • Good airflow
  • Dust filters

  • CONS 
  • Build quality
  • Noisy

    By now nobody should be surprised when the case doesn't get our Editors Choice award. In large scale it appears as NZXT simply tried to put too many features into an affordable case and then had to make too many compromises with the materials and build quality.

    I have to say I like the idea behind the case. It can become handy to have the HDD-cages easily removable and in theory the system works well. Also the airflow, albeit a bit overkill, is a nice feature. Six fans in a relatively small case make this case maybe the most ventilated mid-tower case on the markets. The window, front panel leds and led fans fit the taste of some people and I'm sure the Tempest will attract many LAN-goers. Another good thing in the case are the dust filters, with such crazy airflow going through the case all the time, the parts inside would soon be covered in dust without the filters.

    And then there's the build quality. This is really the thing that lets the case down, especially the drive cages as a whole is a terrible letdown. In Rogue-review we saw that NZXT has the resources and the knowhow to come up with a well made case, and that's what I expected from Tempest as well. To me it just doesn't seem to make sense why a manufacturer that first gains good reputation with quality products then comes up with something like the Tempest.

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