Plextor PX-PH160US Mobile HDD

Mobile storage with 160 GB Capacity
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 07.12.2007
Manufacturer: Plextor
Product Group: Storage
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Last time we had a storage device in test, it was a tiny USB Flash Memory. This time we also have something small, but still slightly larger than a USB Memory stick. Most external hard drives use 3,5" disks, and the reason is easy to see: they offer the largest capacity for the lowest price. However there are also models with 2,5" disks on the market and these have known pros compared to their larger brothers. First of all, they obviously are smaller, making it easier to keep the disk with you, especially when using a laptop. Secondly, the 2,5" disks require less power, so they produce less heat and don't need an external power supply. This is possibly the most important feature while thinking using the external disk to increase the storage space of a laptop.

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Plextor PX-PH160US


8800GT Bundle

The disk arrived to our test in a small box that contained an installation manual, a 60 cm long Y-USB cable, a pouch and the disk itself. Even though the power requirements for 2,5" disks aren't that high, Plextor has still figured it would be better to share the load between two USB ports. This means that the second USB connectors is ther only to provide extra juice. The pouch is a nice little extra, again keeping in mind that the disk will most likely travel with a laptop. The problem with the pouch is that there's no room for the cable. The connection on the disk is standard mini-USB, so suitable cable can be found pretty much everywhere, but the Y-cables are harder to find.

Besides these, the disk contains installation files for Plextools Professional LE and XL. These are storage diagnosis tools with which one can also tweak some settings of Plextor optical drives and HDDs. While the XL-version offers more features and extra options, the LE version is free for everyone to download from Plextools-site ( ).

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