Hard surface gaming mousepads.
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 05.12.2006
Manufacturer: QPAD
Product Group: Input
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Computer gamers around the world know that the accurate laser mice work best on high quality mousepads. Movements are fast and accurate when the mouse glides easily over the surface. We've seen pads made from aluminum, steel, fiber, glass and plastics and every single of those have had strongpoints over the others. There are also differences in surfaces - other pads are smooth and other rough. Both pads tested this time are made of plastic and have rough surface.



This time two mousepads and some other accessories arrived to our tests from a Swedish manufacturer called QPAD. Models of the pads are Qpad XT-R and Qpad EC-R. There are some differencies in these pads that will be shown in the following pages. Other products that followed are Q Wristband and Q Lanyard (a keychain).



Packages aren't usually the most importand thing in reviews, but this time I wanted to show them. Both pads come in metal cases with cellfoam inside to keep them from moving around and thus harming them. Inside the box there are two case badges and five PTFE-sliders.



Here are the items that come with the Qpads. Two case badges and five mouse skates. Not much but still so much better than nothing. And what could you expect to come with a product like this?

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