Hard surface gaming mousepads.
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 05.12.2006
Manufacturer: QPAD
Product Group: Input
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Both the XT-R and the EC-R are the same in size, shape and material (plastic), but there's a clear difference in their thickness. The beefier XT-R is 4 mm and EC-R only 1,5 mm thick. Luckily Qpad was wise and rounded the high edges on the XT-R so that the edges do not make the mousepad feel uncomfortable.


The surface of the XT-R has a faint dark gray Q-logo and a white, smaller one, on the left-bottom corner. The base is grooved plastic and the pad is held in place with eight rubber pieces. This proved to be enought to hold the pad in place on wood, acryl and aluminum surfaces.


There is no big Q-logo here like in EC-R. Only the model name and the familiar smaller white Q-logo are visible. The surface is also slightly rougher than the XT-R's. The base looks also different, at first sight it looks like there's drops of water on it, but that's actually some sort of adhesive. This stuff proved to have extremely good grip and when pressed against a wall the pad actually stays there for a sec.




Lanyard represents the "Gaming gear"-part of Qpad's and also other manufacturers' product line. This means that the product doesn't have anything to do with the gaming, but just have the manufacturer's logo on it. Lanyard is just a typical 45 cm long keychain with a clip at the end. There's one nice feature in this thing and that's the short thin wire that came with it. This string fits nicely to strap fixture seen in many cameras and cellulars.

Q wristband is Qpad branded wristband mainly meant for gamers. This thing should make long gaming sessiong with a rought surfaced mousepad more pleasant. The band streches nicely and doesn't squeeze, atleast on my hand, too much. Maybe this thing would be more useful with a cold metal pad...

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