Roccat Alumic

Double-sided Gaming Mousepad

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 17.05.2011
Manufacturer: Roccat
Product Group: Mouse mats
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Over the years we've had 22 mouse reviews, but just five reviews of mousepads. Now the ratio is about to get a bit better for the pads, as we'll have a look at something new from Roccat. Mousepads rarely have anything really new, but this time Roccat has launched a pad called Alumic that combines a slow surface preferred by high sensitivity and a faster surface for low sensitivity gamers. How does it work, and can the newcomer challenge our previous favorites?


Package & Specs


Roccat Alumic  - Double-sided Gaming Mousepad

    featuring Speed & Control surfaces, each with an individual design
    with warp-protection – guaranteeing maximum stability & durability
    ergonomic, fatigue-free comfort for long gaming sessions
    provide ultra-strong grip on any desk
    compact – measures 331×272mm with a thickness of 3mm
    allow anything causing friction to be removed in a flash

The pad comes packed in a cardboard and plastic packaging where both surfaces can be seen and also tested through small windows on the cardboard part. Also the wrist rest is well at show. The packaging doesn't really offer much protection to the product inside, but with its aluminum core the pad isn't likely to get damaged, anyway.




Roccat Alumic  - Double-sided Gaming Mousepad

Out of the box there's only the wrist rest included as an extra - no cleaning cloths here. The sides have different graphical designs, but both have the same Roccat logo. The more colorful side is the smoother one, designed for those low-sensitivity players, while the black and white is for higher sensitivity players looking for smaller and very precise movements. Around the corners of the pad are four large rubber feet that keep it nicely in place.


Closer look


Roccat Alumic  - Double-sided Gaming Mousepad

A closer look at the surfaces shows the difference. It isn't huge, but definitely there. On the left, colored side, there's more like bubbles, while the right side looks almost like sand paper when looked close up.

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