Roccat Alumic

Double-sided Gaming Mousepad

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 17.05.2011
Manufacturer: Roccat
Product Group: Mouse mats
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Wrist rest


Roccat Alumic  - Double-sided Gaming Mousepad

Inside the packaging there's also the wrist rest, which comes with a very sticky underside, protected with a sheet of plastic. Peel off the plastic and the wrist rest sticks to the table very nicely. Personally I'm not a big fan of wrist rests and this one is no exception, it's filled with a pretty firm gel, and in long use only added strain to the wrist. That said, this is definitely just a personal preference.




Roccat Alumic  - Double-sided Gaming Mousepad

In size comparison with the Steelseries 9HD the pads are pretty much identical.


In use

I tried using both sides of the pad with varying sensitivity settings, but pretty soon found myself back on high sensitivity and using the black side of the pad. I guess it makes sense to have two different surfaces if you play very different genres of games and constantly find yourself tinkering with the cursor speed and sensitivity, but if you're like me and already know what kind of pad you're after, the second side is just going to remain unused.

Really the only downside from the in use-impressions were the rubber feet that wrap around the corners. They do a good job at keeping the pad in place, but also feel annoying on the wrist if you get too close to the corners.


  • Two different surfaces to choose from
  • Wrist rest if you want one

  • Wrist rest if you don't want one
  • Rubber feet can get annoying
  • Award
    Silver Award!

    As a mousepad the Alumic works great, both sides are good quality and slippery, while the large rubber feet keep it in place. It's also large enough for most of us, and so sturdy it isn't going to get damaged on the way to a LAN-event. Anyway the dual-sided design rises some questions, first of all with a price tag of 40 €, I'd expect the customer to already know if he wants a "fast" or "slow" mousepad, which means you're effectively paying extra for something you don't really need in the first place.

    The same applies to the wrist rest, to users who prefer to use one it may be a nice extra, but for the rest of us it's just another extra cost. That said, Roccat does also have other models, so the Alumic doesn't really even try to be a "one size fits all"-sort of deal. Either way, it's still a good mousepad, but not quite nice enough to make itself our new favorite.

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