Roccat Kulo

Small headset for gamers

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 22.05.2011
Manufacturer: Roccat
Product Group: Audio
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Roccat Kulo - Small headset for gamers

The design is unlike we've seen in the earlier headset reviews, the Kulo uses a very light headphone design where the ear buds sit on top of the ear rather than around it. More than anything this is a design choice personal preference, but also means that the Kulo isn't going to block external noises as much as the closed around-ear phones. The microphone sits in a tilting and bending boom on the left ear piece.


Roccat Kulo - Small headset for gamers

A better view at the microphone, it pivots around the ear piece and there's actually a switch inside that mutes it when it's lifted to the top position. This is a handy feature and means there's no need for a special mute-button.

In this picture one can also see the ear pad design with fake leather around the pad and more acoustically transparent fabric at the center.




Roccat Kulo - Small headset for gamers

Compared to the Corsair HS1A headset we reviewed the last time the difference in size is quite enormous. Not only does it mean the Kulo is easier to pack into small space when going to LAN-parties, but it also means the Kulos are much lighter to wear. Anyway as we've noticed earlier, the weight alone doesn't make headphones comfortable or uncomfortable, the design has a huge impact as well.

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